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Recreational Vehicle Rental

DATE: September 3, 2017

AUTHOR: futuredomuser

Renting a recreational vehicle is a decision that involves delicate and adequate preparation. Most citizens of the world enjoy traveling across the country in a fun, memorable and comfortable way. This can’t be achieved with a plane or a public transport system or train, as they would not stop for the passengers to enjoy the scenery. The recreational vehicle is a vehicle designed to meet these criteria of a fun and comfort as it is like a moving apartment, giving you the comfort of a home while traveling across the country. It is designed with a strong body to withstand the adverse effect of external weather conditions. Its interior is designed with basic household needs like a mini kitchen, a toilet, a space for chairs and possibly a bed, depending on how big the RV is.

One thing unknown to most people is that driving a RV can be regarded as a lifestyle for some people. It is called a nomadic lifestyle. Most individuals have jobs that are not bound by a specific location, and they would always have to be on the move. The RV is the perfect choice for them since they can’t live in a particular location for long. The RV would be the perfect choice for them as they would live and transport themselves at the same time.

The downside to a owning a recreational vehicle is pricing. The average price of a RV ranges from $50,000 to $60,000. This is very expensive for an average citizen to afford, and serves as a big disadvantage for RV lovers that fall into this category. But, the only solution to this problem is renting a RV.


Renting a RV is one of the cheapest ways to using a RV. Its major advantage is the absence of the commitment that comes along with ownership. Anyone renting a RV would only do so for a temporary use; like multi-state travel, cross country rides, and other forms of adventures that do not involve the nomadic lifestyle. The RV would save a ton of money and time in booking apartments to stay in while traveling to long destinations that might take days, weeks or months.


Choice of Budget

The right amount for a RV trip budget goes a long way in making a trip successful and comfortable. The last thing anyone driving a RV would want is to spend money on the wrong RV or running out of cash during a trip. This makes the budget the most crucial factor in renting a RV. An individual who intends to rent a RV should know how much is to be spent on whatever trip to be embarked on. This would include the rental of the RV vehicle, gas, supplies, other attraction fees, and spare cash to be spent during the trip. The budget also determines whether the trip would be a long one or a short one, and how comfortable and enjoyable the trip would be. The higher the budget, the better the trip

Parking Plans

RV parking site

source: carefreecommunities.com/assets/images/9/RVsites-c7f2cfc9.jpg

This is another important but overlooked factor in RV rental. Although the RV saves the cost of renting rooms at motels or hotels, RVs are not allowed free parking in some hotels and motels. Generally, recreational vehicles are not allowed to be parked anywhere the owner pleases. It is restricted in some areas and would be offensive to park a RV at location restricted to RV parking. Proper research is to be carried out on whether the route to be taken for a trip has some locations that are for parking RVs, and the amount they cost per hour in case they are not free. Most common RV parking sites are usually supermarket car parks, schools, and churches. But these places would require permission before access can be granted to use their premises as a recreational vehicle park. There are also camp grounds and recreational vehicle parks that can be used with a specified fee, instead of using someone else’s property.

Getting a Reputable RV Rental Company

The biggest mistake anyone would make is going to just any RV rental company, risking cash and safety and purchasing any recreational vehicle the company puts on display. This is not advisable, especially for RV first timers. Getting a reputable company like www.rentalcars.com/australia/brisbane is the best option for any RV rental. The vehicles are ensured to be from a trusted owner and are safe for driving. Booking an RV is done securely online and is backed up with a guarantee. Some RV rental companies give its customers the platform to rent a RV without fear of the unknown. They also ensures constant and efficient roadside assistance to ensure the safety of its customers and the trip.

Choosing the RV

The choice of RV depends on a number of people to be contained, the kind of trip, the luxury of the RV, etc. For instance, a Class B Camper comes with a bathroom, mini kitchen, dining areas and sleeping areas. A Class B Motorhome is easier to maneuver and park. These two differences are what makes each one of them distinct for specific purposes. A Class A or Class C Motorhome is larger and can contain more people or can be used for extended trips. They both possess a much wider body and an over-the- cab area that serves as a double sleeping or storage space. All these types of RVs can be gotten at luxurycaravanhire.com.au.

Know the RV

Getting the RV alone is not enough to guarantee a completely comfortable and enjoyable trip. One thing every RVer must know is the functions and specifications of the RV you purchased. In case the specification and functions are not clear enough, take the RV for a ride with its owner and have all its functions explained in full detail and also tried out practically to ensure the RV is used to its maximum potential. Make sure a lot of questions are asked to iron out any form of confusion.


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